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Business & Operations Consulting, 10 Minute Plays, Short Stories & Licensing,

Self-Help Books, and Specialized Theatrical Prop Rentals for Performing Arts Organizations, Schools, and Businesses.

Business and Operations Consulting

Business ConsultingSome of the biggest challenges a business faces today are: Managing Financials, Cash Flow, Monitoring Performance and Quality, Finding the Right Talent, Technology, Maintaining a Reputation, and the uncertainty about the future.

Today’s challenges are best met and addressed with a qualified consultant. Interpreting financials, industry analysis, market trends, etc is vital to a changing economic climate. Bringing in a consultant with the expertise and skills to address these issues can provide the best possible outcomes. Learn more

10 Minute Plays, Short Stories

Reading drama and learning about performing, especially with young people have positive affects. Benefits are physical, social, and develop a healthy appreciation of the arts. There just isn’t enough of it in short form for the shorten attention spans of today.

That’s why we’ve created a selection of 10 Minute Plays and stories that are easy to read and fun to perform. Because the transferable skills learned from performing may not be nearly as important as the experience. Reading a short play gets everyone involved in the plot as the action unfolds. Learn More

Self Help Books

Self Help Books are short bursts of inspiration and written with the intention to instruct its reader on how to solve a problem. It may be to re-center or refocus energies of ones path in life.

The best self-help books educate with just enough motivational information and specific advice on topics like; planning, finance, lending, resume writing and other subjects to help cultivate a more productive you. Learn more

Props Rental

Over the years, we’ve produced over 65 great productions, more than 3,000 production days, to over 30,000 (mostly, lol) happy patrons. We couldn’t help but gather together a few of the more specialized theatrical props along the way. While we are not in the theatrical prop rental business per say… we do rent out some of our items from time to time. Learn more

Blog News

We’ve traveled the world to think and at times, get answers… That in mind, our Blog Page has lots of interesting bits of news related to theatre and business. But you never know what subject we’ll land on next. In any case I do hope you get the chance to read some of the posts. Learn more

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What our people say about us & our work

“Brilliant! What a great idea, the scenes are cleverly and wittily written and you clearly have a good knowledge of the characters as they are portrayed faithfully and believably.”

LondonUnited Kingdom

“A Case of Revenge is not just a mystery, but it has the suspense thing too… thanks for the opportunity to read these, it was a blast.”


“I truly enjoy your work; the scripts were an interesting read. In addition, the cycling of different characters really worked for your style of writing, and the constant movement on the stage.”


“It was a pleasure reading the plays… they are light, intriguing entertainment. The dialogue reads very authentically, thanks.”

LondonUnited Kingdom

“I have to say that I am very impressed with the effort you put into these, they will be a very nice evening of readings with a theme.”


“Wow! I enjoyed reading the plays. My advice to you is, just keep doing what you’re doing, thank you!”

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